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Anonymous asked:

This is embarrassing but I really want to get into modeling and stuff so do you have any advice for me to get started or posing? I feel really weird in front of the camera but I really want to try it.

that’s awesome!  well as far as getting started you’ll need to put a portfolio together so agents and photographers can see how you look on camera, around 6-10 images is fine. find a photographer to work with who makes you laugh, and you can be yourself around. modeling is usually just acting without speaking, act happy, act intense etc. and as far as posing goes get infront of a mirror and figure out which angles & shapes work best for you, to make you look the best. the more you do it, the better you’ll feel!

good luck to you! xoxo

romance is like a research paper, you have to read the footnotes

i am never going to be the one who begs and pleads for another to stay.  who cries on their doorstep and tries to explain all the reasons i deserve to be the one in their bed each night.  i will not be the girl who drags her feet for months, pulling a defeated and embarrassed conscience across the hot sidewalk with her.  i’ll never have a weak moment and call you to take back the things i’ve already said.  you can never take anything back.

please don’t go.

i mention you from time to time when the breeze is quick enough to wash away your name.  i always think of you when a certain song finds it’s turn on the iPod shuffle.  i’m not afraid to say that you came and went. you can’t deny the things that have happened to you.

i want you to stay. you can’t leave.

i’m not the girl who saves all of our photos and puts them in a box under my bed.  i don’t remember our first kiss, and i have no idea what day we started seeing each other.  because it’s not important. even if you’ve been together for 50 years. the day you met doesn’t say anything about how you feel today.

don’t you understand?

i do not think of you most days.  on the days i do, those moments are unpleasant.  you made some of my favorite memories feel cheap.  i felt the moments when you waited for me to beg and plead and cry and wish you’d explain. because i wanted to beg.  i wanted to cry to you. but i heard the doubt in your voice.  the need for reassurance, and my respect for you was as fleeting as my vulnerability.

i love you so much. i love you.

i never took you for granted.  i never needed to be reminded that you cared about me. i never needed to be coddled. all these things i could never say in our last conversation. because you didn’t deserve them.

Do you ever scroll your dashboard and accidentally click the wrong button and when you click back you’re at a whole new place on your dash and it’s just like WHERE AM I WHATS GOING ON HOW DO I GET BACK WE MUST GO BACK

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