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don’t you cherish me in sleep

the sun snuck through the white gauze tacked over the windows, and i was awake.  you are such a restless sleeper, your arms tightening around me when you stir.  you bring me with you when you toss and turn at night, and i find myself wrapped and tangled in sheets and ankles.  soon you carefully slipped your arm out from under me and grabbed your music speaker. after a moment your arm returned under my neck and your room filled with music. quiet, but ethereal. bon iver, then ed sheeran, then fink. staring around at the paintings on your walls i realized that you are much more complex than i’ve been able to see. here i am wondering why you’re just trying to get to know me, and feeling torn between playing a game i know i’m good at or evening the score.  but in reality, i haven’t let you show me who you are either.

" you know. this is going to sound weird. but i love living across from that elementary school. i can hear the kids playing in the mornings and it reminds me of when i was young. just sheer excitement over everything and anything."

i have underestimated this man.

i like to communicate in only cliches. the idea of creating something new to express my feelings sounds like a way to reach my heart. and i don’t let the sun shine there anymore.

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